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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

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Your baby is a GENIUS! But only you can help them retain their genius abilities.

"Every baby is born with Unlimited Potential"
But, they lose their potential abilities unless they are nurtured and enhanced as a baby! 

(think: why is it that people with athletic/music/creative abilities carry these skills with them for life? Because these abilities are developed as a child, and not when you have already become older!)
"Why is a baby's potential lost?"
Your baby’s brain is like a treasure chest of precious stones: but they shine with their full strength only if they are stimulated. If not, they lose their shine & turn into rocks due to a process called "Synaptic Pruning" that happens inside every baby's brain starting from around the age of 2 years.

(think: why is it that a baby can learn multiple languages fluently, but adults find it so hard to learn anything new?!)
"Help your baby's potential to SHINE!"
This treasure chest of precious stones are all the amazing abilities that your baby is born with. Take action today, to help your baby discover their hidden abilities, and help them shine throughout their lives!

(do: with just 5 minutes of daily effort, you can help your baby discover their hidden genius, and carry these abilities with them for life!)

The Proven Method to unlock your baby's full potential (before they are forever lost due to synaptic pruning) is THIS!

Studies show that while no baby is born special, but they are all capable of achieving special things, provided they are nurtured well in their early years.

The Prodigy Baby Framework, developed after 2000+ hours of study by Raghav Himatsingka – a Stanford graduate and father of a beautiful boy named Prabal, is a simple (yet powerful!) step-by-step system that helps your baby ignite their hidden genius potential with just 5 minutes of daily effort!

The framework combines the methodologies of the greatest parenting minds in the world, including Glenn Doman, Makoto Shichida, Maria Montessori, Waldorf, and others, to create a fun, accelerated learning system that helps your child unleash their hidden talents.


Amazing Feats!

These are just some of the things that our baby was able to do after following the

Prodigy framework

Want to have fun and spend quality time with your baby while advancing their critical skills and discovering their hidden potential?

50,000+ Families 

Have Used The Prodigy Framework.

These are some of the their results*:

  • Crawling at 3 months — (instead of at 8 months)
  • Walking at 8 months — (instead of at 12 months)
  • Reading at 24 months — (instead of at 6 years)
  • ​​Singing Harmoniously at 24 months
  • ​​Using 200+ word vocabulary at 18 months—instead of an average of 20 words
  • ​​Near photographic memory!
  • ​​Genius mental math skills
  • ​​Prolific oratory talents
  • ​​Extraordinary intelligence, creativity, athleticism, independence & confidence to charter their own story!

If you are the mother, father, grandparent, or a guardian to a baby who is at any age less than 2 years old, you need to check this out today!

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Check out what other parents (just like you!) are saying about the Prodigy Framework program!

"Hi Raghav. Amazing experience! I would love to guide my child to become a superstar under your guidance. Don't know what I can give back to you in return!

Jayashree M.
"Absolutely new concept to help your baby shape their life! Many things that were taught were not known to me. Your efforts are very commendable!"

Jessica T.
"I was not aware of baby's infinite abilities and how to retain them. Thank you Raghav for the amazing sessions! I highly recommend your program to all parents."

Sarah F.
"As a father I"m often at a loss for what I can do with my little baby. Your program offered a structured way to engage with my child that was not only fun, but brought about noticeable changes."

Craig P.
"Secret #1 was mind-blowing, and explains a lot of things for me!"

Lau C.
"I am so committed to your process after doing this program. Thanks for opening this wonderful framework for me and my family!"

Dina K.

The Prodigy Framework Will Reveal The 3 Hidden Secrets to Awaken Your Baby's Unconscious Genius

These are secrets because you won’t hear about them anywhere else — but they’ll stop being secrets to you once you join our program.


How to naturally nurture your baby's special abilities so that they are retained and developed throughout your child’s life?


How you can use just 5 minutes per day to awaken your baby's unconscious genius — nourishing their intelligence should not be a time-consuming task?


How your baby can learn to dodge the stress and pressures of schoolwork and be set to lead a joyous and successful life instead?
How does it WORK?
This program is for 4 days. If you are the parent or guardian of a baby who is less than 2 years old, this program is for you.
  • You will be in an online Weekend Cohort from Thu to Sun where you get daily videos of 30-35 mins to watch at your own pace
  • ​You will also join a very active & engaged community of your cohort parents to share your parenting journeys!
What will you GET?
In these 4 days, we will help you discover your baby's amazing abilities and help them access their hidden potential before the age of 2.
  • Learn how it's possible to unlock your baby’s fullest talents before they are lost through “synaptic pruning”
  • Explore how the ‘Prodigy Framework’ can be used to awaken your baby's unconscious genius so that they can lead a life full of health, wealth and happiness
  • Learn how to keep your baby away from pressures of schoolwork and help them be happy and stress-free
  • Bonus #1: The 3 Secrets to help your baby start achieving results that are bigger, better, and faster
  • Bonus #2: Your very own community of highly engaged, like-minded parents to share your journey with
  • Bonus #3: The 3 Superstar rules that you need to know to understand exactly what is going on inside your baby's mind

How does this intro to Prodigy Framework Program work?

Raghav & Shraddha Himatsingka


I am a Stanford University graduate, tech entrepreneur and father of a beautiful boy named Prabal. Soon after I became a father, I found there’s a lack of an easy-to-use parenting system to raise a well-rounded, happy baby who would never have to face the struggles of learning in life that I had to endure in my life.

I devoted 2000+ hours of my time to discover the secrets of accelerated learning for my son by studying various research in 75+ books, videos and films and quit my job to found my own company (Raising Superstars) and make it my mission to unlock the miraculous abilities in 1 million babies of the age of 0 to 2 years along with my wife Shraddha. 

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